Lô-Ba is an international NGO that works with the world's poorest communities, using sustainable agriculture to improve basic health and education services for rural populations that suffer from food insecurity.


International American NGO, based in New York. Support the resilience strengthening of women and young girls through agriculture and environmental protection.
As part of it’s Lo-Ba actions, concerns to promote measures for improve the economic and social status of women in RCA, Lo- Ba relies on CEDEF (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women)
Purpose to contribute, not only to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable women and young girls but also to help to develop income-generating activities in order to be able to organize and act for themselves.
Lo-Ba works in Sekia, an area of Ambella M’Pocko in Central African republic, in order to increase the strengths of rural communities in partnership with the local population which becomes a fundamental and conscious part of the project and play a role of actor in its own independent development.
We will work to improve basic services for food security, health and education especially with women and girls who are victims of poverty. When woman and girls have access to adequate resources, they have the power to help families and communities to overcome poverty.


Through an economic empowerment program, Lô-Ba focuses on strengthening women’s economic capacity : we are working on the development of women autonomy, gender equality at a national level and aims to ensure women’s participation at all levels of our purpose planning; development and implementation.
The work approach will focus on the introduction of new, innovative and impact-oriented programmatic models, enhanced partnership with stakeholders and other organizations, local institutions according to the specificities and local know-how valued, we will implement adaptation plans at the level of the communities/women, including information gathering and training on alternative methods or corresponding to the context (food, agriculture).


The overall Target of NGO Lô-Ba is contributing to the action of the authorities to create a participatory and self-sufficient development at rural and local level. Our main activity is to ensure greater participation of women and girls, both participants and beneficiaries of development initiatives. The achievement of the overall target come through the implementation of the following specific objectives:

  • Enable rural women in all this area to grow their production and income and have better access to services. The machine and workshop we will provide to increase the food production will help their family to have a better life style.
  • Help woman and girls to set up a loan  and consultancy services to finance and support the activities carried out by women's working groups.
  • Provide social infrastructures such as day care, nurseries and water boreholes.
  • Provide women with basic training in literacy, health, nutrition, family planning and, in particular, environmental awareness to deal with forest fires in other areas related to demography and development